Vege Delight, Quakers Hill

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There’s a large Sri Lankan and Indian community located in the Quakers Hill area, so it stands to reason that a vegetarian/vegan restaurant is quietly located near the station. Vege Delight serves up an interesting menu of vegetarian Indian dishes coupled with pizzas and pasta. Most of their dishes also come in a vegan option or can be ordered without onion or garlic.

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It was pretty quiet when we walked in and we were greeted by the waiter at the counter who explained that we could either order from the menu or go for the unlimited buffet. Wanting to try a bit of everything that Vege Delight had to offer, we ordered the Pani Puri to start us off and I decided to go for the buffet offering while my girlfriend opted to order off the menu.

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Buffet tray (Round 1) $15.90

The buffet offered three curries: Bombay Aloo (potato curry), Paneer Makhani (cottage cheese cubes in butter chicken sauce) and Chana Masala (chickpea curry). In addition, there was a good selection of accompaniments on offer including, but not limited to, rice, Aloo Paratha (potato stuffed bread) and Bhathura (fluffy fried bread). In the way of drinks, they offered a selection of juices and soft drinks as well as lassi and masala tea.

Overall, the curries were very salty and the Paneer Makhani was very sweet with a lot of flavour. The Chana Masala was the best out of the three, despite being the saltiest of them as the chickpeas and spices gave it a very interesting flavour which complemented the Bhathura perfectly.

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Gulab jamun & masala tea

For dessert, they offer masala tea and Gulab Jamun. The Gulab Jamun was soaked to the core with syrup and the centre was very dense, almost squashed, possibly because it was sitting there for a while. The tea was a pleasant change from the salt. It was strong and had a good kick to it, doing a great job at washing down the dessert and meal.

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Pani puri $5.90

The Pani Puri consists of three parts; a thin, bite-sized crispy shell, a solid mix of potato and a sweet-sour tamarind water. Combine all of these and you have a crispy, sweet and sour treat that bursts in your mouth when you eat it! Very refreshing and moreish.

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Gobi masala pizza $15.90

The 13″ Gobi Masala Pizza that my girlfriend ordered was quite a large serving. It was hard to see the garlic, cauliflower, onion, tomato and jalapeños on this pizza under the mountain of vegan cheese. The cheese itself was incredibly salty and overpowering which unfortunately covered up the other toppings. The pizza, as a whole, was alright but the vegan cheese unbalanced it all by being overly salty and piled on.

The entire meal felt a little too heavy on the salt and I wanted to like the buffet so much because the food itself was of rather high quality but there was just too much. We agreed that the salt of the curries and pizza detracted from the character of the dishes. A slightly disappointing meal, if the salt was reduced a bit, it would have been incredibly satisfying.

Cost: $37.70 for two people
Payment: Accepts cash or card

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