Milk and Honey Café, Kiama

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A short two and a half hour train ride south from Central, in the beautiful coastal town of Kiama lies a popular tourist café called @milkandhoney. Packed to the brim with tourists there to see the Kiama Blowhole (no blowholing that day, unfortunately), this café is definitely in an advantageous position.

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The decor of this little eatery is a very curious one. It’s like someone went overboard on Etsy; the walls were covered with faux-vintage framed posters and littered with random kitsch. Unfortunately, with nothing to break up the space, the café became something of an echo chamber. Combined with loud and excited tourists, it was difficult to enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting.

To go with our meal, I ordered a Blowhole Juice which was a refreshing mix of watermelon, strawberry and mint.

My girlfriend ordered the iced Prana Chai with Bonsoy. This was not your regular chai syrup drink; it was much more robust and delightful to the senses. The Bonsoy was so creamy that she had to double-check that they didn’t use dairy milk. Highly recommended by her!

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For lunch I ordered the Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder, atop a slice of crusty toast and herb Greek yoghurt and olive oil. The lamb came with spinach and a mix of grilled capsicum and eggplant.

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The lamb was perfectly cooked; it really felt like it melted in my mouth. The vegetables added some more depth and the toast added some much needed crunch. I really enjoyed that the parsley came through in the Greek yoghurt.

Overall, this was a mild dish with no strong elements that stood out. Nothing to dislike but at the same time, nothing too impressive.

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The Vegetarian Burger that my girlfriend ordered was, in her words, “inoffensive”. The stand-out ingredients were the mushroom and eggplant, which were paired with mayonnaise, tomato relish and rocket. It was satisfying but like the Lamb Shoulder, nothing really stood out as exemplary. The chips were ok if not a little underdone.

@milkandhoney is a great little café in a beautiful location that serves up satisfying meals with mild flavours that appeal to many people. If we find ourselves in Kiama again, we’d definitely revisit. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area.

Cost: $48.85 for two
Payment: Accepts cash or card

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