Kanzo, Parramatta

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We were invited by our friend to venture out into her neck of the woods in the west. She gave us the choice of where to eat so we decided upon this popular Japanese restaurant located on George Street, Parramatta. One thing the photos do not convey is the size of the place; it was tiny! Luckily, we were able to get a table after only a short wait and our friends showed up just in time.

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Large avocado roll $10

The sushi was a sight to behold! For a flat price of $10, you can choose from a range of fillings. The Avocado Roll was, in one word, beautiful. It was large, very well-presented and the sections of avocado used were fresh. This was as amazing to eat as it was to look at.

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Large soft shell crab & avocado roll $10

Like the avocado roll above, the Soft Shell Crab Sushi came out beautifully presented. I would have liked more soft shell crab; it felt like there was barely any crab meat there. Nevertheless, the mayo and the crunchiness of the batter added much more texture to the roll than the plain avocado roll. I just couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied by the lack of crab.

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Veggie tempura & dipping sauce $10

Like the other dishes, the Veggie Tempura came out beautifully presented. I mean… just look at it! There was an assortment of sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini and eggplant tempura with dipping sauce. The batter was light and crispy and it tasted fresh. The mild batter really let the ingredients shine through. A highly recommended share plate featuring some very high quality tempura.

Agedashi tofu $6.50 & Steamed brown rice $3

The Agedashi Tofu was average at best. My girlfriend said that she’s had better elsewhere. Unfortunately the batter was too gelatinous. It fell off the tofu before my girlfriend could eat it. Other than that, it was a decent serving size with good flavour and matched well with the brown rice.

Karaage bento with pork katsu $13.50

I really didn’t expect my Bento to be too satisfying. Silly me, I should have just looked at the meal so far!

I don’t remember ever having chicken karaage that crisp or perfectly cooked. Not only was the batter light and crispy but the chicken inside was juicy and tender. Dipped in the mayo it came with, I wanted more with every bite!

Next I dove into the pork katsu & rice (quick note, I did order chicken katsu but I’m not complaining). It was gutsy and the bread crumbs gave the katsu a lot of weight. The dressing on top was sweet and sour and was complemented by the rice perfectly.

This was a really good meal with a lot of great elements shining through. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and thought it was better than many Japanese restaurants in Sydney. Despite the minor issues we experienced (lack of crab in sushi, average Agedashi Tofu and the katsu mix-up) we’d definitely be back.

We highly recommend Kanzo if you’re in Parramatta. Just expect some difficulty if you have a large group.

Cost: This meal cost us $53 plus drinks
Payment: They take cash or card and split our bill without issue

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