O Bar and Dining, Wynyard

For my brother’s 21st birthday, my parents decided to take us out somewhere special. Located on the 47th floor of the Australia Square tower, this revolving restaurant affords one of the best views in all of Sydney. O Bar and Dining focuses on healthy eating as a result of the Head Chef, Michael Moore, being a diabetic. The food revolves (pun unintended) around natural flavours, whole grains and even features a separate vegan menu.

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Seeded bread with ancient grains & cottage cheese with black volcanic salt

The standard for every table, this thin and crispy seeded bread was the perfect way to start our meal. The cottage cheese was light and highly aerated and the volcanic salt added an earthy and sulphurous tone.

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Wild mandarin tonic

For my pre-dinner cocktail, I chose the Wild Mandarin Tonic. The wild lime kombucha and thyme cut the tequila very well. The wild mandarin segments were very sweet and cleansing. A very refreshing drink to prepare for the meal ahead.

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Scallop moussaka

I started off my first course with the Scallop Moussaka. The perfectly grilled scallops and eggplant were served with 3-day yoghurt cheese and chilli tomato jam. The smooth cheese added some saltiness to the dish while the chilli tomato jam added some balancing sweetness.

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Crisp Tinder Creek duck, breast & confit leg

This elaborate dish followed my delicious starter. The duck was cooked two ways and I was told the red colour was normal. I found the roast a bit dry as the spring cabbage absorbed all the duck fat and delicious confit. The stonefruit and macadamia cream completed the dish with sweetness and nuttiness.

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Dry aged rib on the bone with mustard and roast vegetable purée

My brother ordered the 28-day dry aged rib on the bone as his main course. The dry aging process developed the natural flavours of the meat and tenderised it, bringing out the best of the cut. Matched with the purée and hot English mustard, this was a very generous and satisfying meal.

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Fermented crisp vegetable salad with sake vinegar & sesame

This salad was a bit lacking; The fresh cauliflower gave the salad a nice crunch but I expected more sourness from the fermented elements. A fresh side dish but ultimately hard to distinguish from your regular garden salad with vinaigrette.

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Sticky carrot & sweet potato, with aged feta & puffed quinoa

The Sticky Carrot & Sweet Potato was a very popular side on our table. Both the carrot and sweet potato were caramelised to perfection while the aged feta added some saltiness and the puffed quinoa provided texture. A balanced and enjoyable dish even on its own. Highly recommended.

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Coconut yoghurt ice cream, puffed grains, yuzu

Coconut Yoghurt was a new experience for my family. I was impressed by the high quality of the quality of the yoghurt. The puffed rice had a popcorn-like texture and the yuzu custard added a sweet sourness to the dish.

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Nitro frozen frozen mango meringue, confit strawberries, chantilly cream

There were many elements to this dessert, with the nitrogen-frozen mango being the star of the show. It was almost like a mango sorbet and the drops of meringue added a nice crunch while the cream gave a lot of heft to the dish.

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Chef’s old fashioned

One of the scallops in my mousakka had grit in it. The manager personally came over to apologise and offered a drink on the house. The Chef’s Old Fashioned has a good characteristic kick to it followed by the pleasant aftertaste of the raw honey. A great way to end the meal. I particularly appreciated the manager’s polite and proactive action.

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Gin & jam mojito

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A trendy restaurant with a great view, it was truly a pleasure to dine at O Bar and Dining. Suitable for a date, special occasion or business meeting. I’ll definitely be taking my girlfriend back sometime.

Cost: This meal cost $247 for two meals plus service charge, card charge and weekend surcharge
Payment: They accept cash or card, incl. Amex

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