Chinatown Noodle King, Chinatown

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Aching for some oily, delicious Chinese food, we decided to visit a small, popular restaurant on Sussex Street, near the main drag of Chinatown.

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Chinatown Noodle King is famous for their large servings of dumplings and handmade noodles with a reasonable price range and very casual atmosphere. They are open till 11:30pm every day and serve as a great destination to satisfy that late-night Chinese food craving.

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Chinese spicy beef burger $4.50

We’d seen Chinese burgers on YouTube food channels so we were keen to try it! What we got was somewhat underwhelming; under-filled with tough meat and hard, crusty bread. The spice had too much heat without offering much else. I wouldn’t recommend this.

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Pork & chive dumplings in hot & spicy sauce $10.80

If you’ve read our Taste of Shanghai post, you’ll know that we’re a fan of our wontons/dumplings in chilli oil. There was a huge amount of filling in these handmade dumplings and the skin was quite thin. The chilli oil was potent and flavourful and added much more depth to the dish.

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Vegetarian stir-fried pancake $11.80

We’re not sure if we’ve seen this dish elsewhere; it’s essentially crispy spring onion pancake that’s been chopped up and stir fried like flat rice noodles. The result was a glistening, tasty treat with a more interesting texture than regular flat rice noodles.

Unfortunately, this dish came out cold for us and after sending it back, came out cold a second time! We packed this away and heated it up at home and we found it a huge and satisfying dish.

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Stewed beef handmade noodle soup $11.50

The Stewed Beef Handmade Noodle Soup came out looking great however this was also room temperature at best! After we sent this back it came out much hotter but cooled down to room temperature again soon after. The handmade noodles were really the star of this dish; large and springy, they did well to absorb the flavour of the soup. The beef was incredibly soft, melt-in-your-mouth quality with a good amount of fat on them for flavour.

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Though the bowl was large, we couldn’t help but feel somewhat unsatisfied at the end. Even after drinking the soup with the noodles, we found we still had half a bowl left of soup! I would have preferred to pay a few more dollars to have more noodles and beef.

Though we were able to satisfy our craving for tasty, oily Chinese food, we couldn’t understand why they served us cold food. We’d only come back if we were in the area and had that particular craving.

Cost: $42 for two people
Payment: Accepts cash or card

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