Nem Viet, North Sydney

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Walking from North Sydney Station to Aldi (which, by the way, has an AMAZING bakery… seriously, try it out!) for our weekly grocery haul, we had always passed by this small Vietnamese shop that advertised Flying Pig Coffee, an ethically sourced coffee brand. This time we decided to give them a go and stopped by for a quick snack.

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Vegetarian salad roll $5.90

My girlfriend ordered the Vegetarian Salad Roll for her snack which turned out to be very satisfying. In addition to a generous stuffing of picked carrot, radish, lettuce and cucumber, there were also chunks of fried tofu skin and a light drizzle of soy sauce. The bread was crusty on the outside and very soft on the inside. These elements came together to form a vegetarian roll that was more satisfying than most.

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Rare beef noodle soup $9.50

I ordered the Rare Beef Noodle Soup and what I found in my first taste of the broth was very pleasing. I could immediately taste the star anise and cinnamon used to spice the broth as well as a perfect balance of salt and beef flavour. There was a generous amount of toppings and the fair amount of beef they used was raw and of high-quality, holding a lot of flavour and melting in your mouth. The noodles were also cooked well, staying firm as I picked them up with my chopsticks and springy when I bit into them.

A surprisingly good find, we thought. It’s a bit on the pricey side although the food is heartier than what we’re used to and the quality is definitely higher as well. Oh, and the coffee is good too (they forgot my Flying Pig Coffee and hastily made it for me on the way out). Unfortunately they’re only open on weekdays so if we’re ever around the area again for lunch during the week, we’ll definitely have to stop by again and sample more of their fresh, tasty menu!

Cost: $18.90
Payment: Cash only

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