The Yeeros Shop, Marrickville

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We were in the Marrickville area to meet up with a friend to go and grab yeeros. He was already a keen fan of kebabs so we thought we’d try something different. The crowd waiting to buy at the counter was a good sign so we lined up anxiously.

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The menu was a very simple one to understand so we made our decision quickly. The service was fast, friendly and efficient. It had that “family-run-business” feel to it.

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It was hot in this shop! I have to say, watching the meat on the rotisserie does a lot to whet the appetite. You can see, straight off the bat, that the meat looks less… processed than your normal doner kebab.

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Chips (Medium) $8.00 & Potato scallop 90c

Now, of course we had to order potato to go with our yeeros! We asked what the appropriate size would be to share between three people and the helpful staff member suggested a medium size. This turned out to be the right size for us. The chips were hand-cut, double-fried and a bit on the salty side. As a result, the chips tasted fresher and had more bite to them. The feedback from my girlfriend and friend regarding the potato scallop was “it was exactly what I expected”.

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Lamb yeeros $10.90

The Lamb Yeeros was… ok. There was a generous amount of meat and salad. However I couldn’t help but feel that it was just a kebab in disguise. The lamb was tasty, as lamb usually is but it lacked the spiciness one would expect, just salt. An average kebab at best but didn’t explain the long lines waiting for their yeeros.

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Falafel yeeros $8.70

The Falafel Yeeros was really difficult to consume. For some reason, the falafel felt kind of powdery and dry. In addition to this, the falafel also lacked any kind of spice, just salt. For some reason, everything else in the roll was greasy but none of it found it’s way into falafel.

Perhaps we ordered wrong but we were confused as to how this place got its high rating on Zomato or why it was so busy here. If we’re in the area again, I’d like to try some of the other Yeeros places.

Price: $28.50
Payment: Cash Only

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