Wollstonecraft Café, Wollstonecraft

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Located next to Wollstonecraft station sits the only modest eatery in Wollstonecraft for those of us that live around the station, apart from the pet restaurant right next to it. This charming little café serves fresh juices, coffee, the normal café fare as well as Malaysian dishes. Having a Malaysian background myself, I was keen to try their menu!

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Roasted Vegetable Sandwich w/o Cheese

My girlfriend, being plant-based and lactose intolerant, was understandably restricted in her menu choices. She ordered the Roasted Vegetable Sandwich Without Cheese for her lunch. The focaccia sandwich was hearty and generous with a good mix of roasted vegetables, grilled to perfection. It is very unfortunate that this is the only option she has because I daresay we’d visit more if they offered more choices.

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Beef Rendang $13.50

My Beef Rendang came out shortly afterwards and what I saw only made me hungrier! This Beef Rendang was surprisingly good. The beef cubes were fresh and cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. The rendang is exactly how I remember it from the hawker stalls in Malaysia. The taste and aroma of the curry were a perfect match and the spices were exactly like I remember… Delicious! My Malaysian food itch was definitely scratched.

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Chicken Satay $13.50

Our friend ordered the Chicken Satay for his lunch. The peanut sauce of the satay was bursting with flavour! The chicken was cooked till soft and the dish was served with rice and salad. We only wish there were more sticks to share!

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Immune Booster Juice // Soy Iced Coffee $5.50

To go with our meal, my girlfriend ordered her favourite; the Immune Booster Juice, which has apple, orange, carrot and ginger in it. I had the Soy Iced Coffee which was perfectly refreshing on that warm spring afternoon.

This small, unassuming café is easy to walk past as we hurry to our train or back home after work. I recommend stopping by and trying out their coffee ginger latté (my personal favourite) or chatting with the ever-friendly and helpful staff.

UPDATE: REVISIT (14 April 2017)

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Healthy Start Breakfast (Without Egg) $12.50 and Coffee Ginger Latte


I went back with some friends to to try their Healthy Start Breakfast Without Egg with my regular Coffee Ginger Latté. I love the coffee ginger latté because the combination of coffee, ginger and coconut sugar come together to taste exactly like ginger bread in liquid form. It’s a truly unique drink I’ve never seen anywhere else.

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Thankfully, Wollstonecraft Café do all day breakfast so I was able to order their healthy start breakfast for lunch. Instead of the egg, I was given an extra serving of those buttery, perfectly cooked mushrooms. Coupled with the wilted spinach, pan fried tomato, baked beans, perfectly ripened avocado and white bread toast, this plate of delicious breakfast goodness doesn’t leave a lot to be desired. I was left very satisfied after this.

Payment: Cash or card

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