Ichiban Boshi, CBD

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I’d heard a lot about Ichi-ban Boshi from my friend who works on Clarence Street. We decided to head over to this popular Tokyo-style ramen restaurant for dinner after a session of bell-ringing at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

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At 8pm, this restaurant was still bustling however we were able to get a table after a 5 minute wait. When we sat down and looked at the menu, we realised why it was busy; not only is Ichi-ban Boshi open late but the prices are very reasonable, especially when compared to other options in the same centre, The Galleries Victoria. Now it was time to see if it was worth the price!

Tofu ramen, $11.90

My girlfriend ordered the Tofu Ramen for her dinner. She is a big fan of corn and bean sprouts so this dish gets points straight away. The presentation was great but unfortunately the broth was lacking a bit of umami and flavour, resulting in a bland broth. The agedashi tofu was firm and freshly fried, adding crunch and protein to the dish. It was a generous serve, too. I had to finish her bowl!

Tokyo ramen with deep fried gyoza, $11.40

My own Tokyo Ramen looked fantastic. I chose this dish because of the variety of toppings that it came with; semi-boiled egg, pork, fish cake, nori, corn and spring onions. I decided to add a gyoza too, as per the menu’s recommendation.

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The egg was cooked perfectly with a gooey yolk but solid egg white. The roast pork melted in my mouth and went perfectly with the light soy broth. I really liked the texture and springiness of the noodles. The gyoza turned out to be a perfect match for the dish and added a lot of flavour and texture. This was a satisfying dish and a pleasure to eat.

Ichi-ban Boshi offered a refreshing change from the hard-hitting flavours of the renowned Chinatown heavy-weights Gumshara and O-san Ramen. Despite the lighter flavours here, their dishes were more than filling enough for us. I mused about how the customers who come here for lunch manage to stay awake at work afterwards! We’d come back again for a cheap feed in the CBD.

Cost: $23.30
Payment: Cash only

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