Din Tai Fung, Chatswood

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Ok, I admit it. We caved in and jumped on the band wagon of the newest thing in dumplings since the invention of the xiao long bao… the GIANT xiao long bao! We, along with our friend, just had to try it as it was available at Din Tai Fung for a limited time only.

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Vegetarian fried rice with egg

But first, some old favourites to whet the appetite. Nothing can beat the classic Vegetarian Fried Rice with Egg. Their serving sizes is smaller than most other places however the flavours are a lot more balanced and less oily. It was just the right size to share between the three of us.

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Spicy dan dan noodle

We were already here to try something new so we thought “what the heck, let’s try another new dish!” and so we thought the Spicy Dan Dan Noodle would do the trick. What came out was a little surprising; usually we’re used to our dan dan noodles with mince meat however this lacked any. Also, the dominant flavour was sesame rather than spicy. The noodles were cooked perfectly and this was more interesting than anything else. It was ok but I prefer the dan dan noodles I’m familiar with.

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Giant xiao long bao

And so came out what we’ve been waiting for; the Giant Xiao Long Bao! This beast comes with a giant straw to suck out your soup because this baby will not fit on your puny soup spoon! Be careful, however, because the soup is very hot as we painfully found out when we started to dig in.

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And boy was that soup hot! After finishing the soup, another problem became apparent; how could I pour soy sauce onto my spoon and sit the dumpling in a pool of sauce like I usually do? I would have to pour the sauce over this dumpling! Unfortunately, I have to say that the filling-to-wrapping ratio was much less than the small xiao long bao, even though this filling came with extra trimmings like corn and mushroom.

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And just like that, it was over all too soon! As you can see above, the dumpling is deceptively large but the steamer has a false bottom! As much as I enjoyed the novelty of the Giant Xiao Long Bao, I think we’ll stick to ordering its non-mutant sibling.

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Cold Soybean Milk

For our drink, we ordered the Cold Soybean Milk to wash everything down. Like everything else here, the soybean milk was very balanced and not overpoweringly sweet. A perfect match for our greasy food.

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Din Tai Fung is a favourite of ours and we always love visiting them when we want to treat ourselves and go that one step beyond your regular Taiwanese restaurant. They’re very consistent and the food is always delicious!

Cost: $57.30 with three Giant Xiao Long Bao
Payment: Cash or card accepted

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