Jim’s Malaysian, Hawker Lane, Chatswood


Jim’s Malaysian serves old favourites from Malaysia like Laksa, Char Kuey Teow and Nasi Goreng. This was one I was keen to try as my family is from Malaysia and I always lookout for authentic Malaysian eateries. They always seem to be busy and are one of the few stalls that do EFTPOS in this food court.

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Teh tarik (cold) $4.00

The Teh Tarik was very refreshing, sweet and heavy, just the way I like it. Teh tarik, a staple at hawker stalls everywhere in Malaysia, translates to “pulled tea”, the arm-length pouring technique that vendors use to cool the tea before serving, though it may not be the case in Australia. The black tea brew is sweetened and lightened with condensed milk.

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Mamak mee goreng $12.80

I’m going to be honest, I have never had Mamak Mee Goreng whenever I visited Malaysia. It was always hard to justify eating fried noodles to my health. These spicy yellow wheat noodles were fried with sweet soy sauce, mixed with a variety of ingredients including tomato, chicken, shallots and vegetables and served with spicy sambal. This dish was spicy, flavourful and I’d definitely have it again!

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Nasi goreng $12.80

The Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) was… ok. The rice was stir fried with sweet soy sauce, tamarind, ground shrimp paste and chilli. It lacked any of the other common ingredients or flavours and was your typical fried rice, albeit mushier than most. For the price, I wouldn’t order this again.

This little stall also offers a wide variety of street food you’d often find in Malaysia including Curry Puffs and Siew Pao (BBQ pork pastries) and desserts like Cendol and Ais Kachang. It’s not too far from what I remember of food in Malaysia however there are some hits and misses. If you’re craving Malaysian and you’re in the area, it will do but the price doesn’t justify the quality nor the quantity.

Cost: $29.60
Payment: Cash or card accepted

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