Abdul’s Lebanese Restaurant, Surry Hills

Abdul’s is a family-run, no-nonsense takeaway joint/Lebanese Restaurant that sells authentic Lebanese dishes like mixed plates, fingerfoods and shawarma. I decided to stop by while searching for something new to eat in Surry Hills. I didn’t expect much from the somewhat aged interior but boy, was I surprised.

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Falafel Balls

I ordered my shawarma as a meal with Falafel Balls and a homemade lemon drink. The falafel balls were very tasty. Perfectly cooked and well-spiced, these were among the best falafels I’ve ever eaten.

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Beef shawarma (with BBQ and chilli sauce)

The Beef Shawarma is not your typical kebab. The beef is more like chunk steak rather than doner and has quite a bit of bite to it.  What sets this beef apart is the spice mix they use; with strong hints of cardamom and cinnamon, it adds a whole new level of flavour I’ve never experienced in a kebab. There’s also a good mix of salad including pickled turnip! The garlic sauce is potent and tastes delicious. One of the best kebabs I’ve ever had.

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In-house lemon drink

For my drink, I got a cup of their In-House Lemon Drink. A very sweet and sour drink, I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it’s not something I would have all the time. It was perfect to wash down the heavy food.

Abdul’s is a great place to get a hearty feed at a reasonable price. I also highly recommend the finger food they offer, in particular the lamb lahme and vine leaves. Definitely a great lunch option for those in the area.

Cost: $11
Payment: Cash or card with a $10 minimum

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