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Nestled in York Lane, among the construction work sites of Wynyard station, is one of Sydney’s newest bars. Next Door is, as the name suggests, next door to Made in Italy and works in tandem with the pizzeria.

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The interior of the bar is a lot more spacious than the entry door leads you to believe. When you walk in, it opens up into the dining area and bar on the left. Straight ahead is a huge mural of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker from the movie Friday, holding a slice no less.

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For dinner, we ordered a large Gamberi Pizza, Mamma Mia Pasta and for cocktails, Girl Next Door and Southside of Sicily.

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Mamma Mia $18

The Mamma Mia was a simple but delicious pasta dish consisting of mushroom and Italian sausage, seasoned with chilli in a pink sauce. I, for one, am a huge fan of pink sauces because they take the sweetness of a tomato-based sauce and combine it with the richness of a creamy white sauce to make for a beautiful pasta dish.

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The Italian sausage was the star of this dish. Juicy and lightly spiced, it had a rustic feel that was perfectly complemented by the thinly sliced mushrooms and fresh parsley. There was a lot of it, as well. Too often are we disappointed when we order pasta and most of it is noodle. Highly recommend this pasta dish.

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Gamberi (Large) $25

The Gamberi is one looker of a pizza. The first thing that struck our eye was the sheer number of prawns on the pizza. It was well-sized and plenty for both of us even when sharing.

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“The Gamberi is one that everyone tries”, said our friendly and enthusiastic host, Maurizio. It is topped with oregano, garlic, chilli and fresh prawns on a tomato base with parmesan cheese on top.

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When biting into the pizza, we were hit with a burst of sweet tomato flavour, followed by the oregano, garlic and a hint of chilli. The prawns themselves were juicy and the base was just as thin as Amici’s pizza, albeit a bit more bread-y. A solid pizza choice, one that we’d definitely order again.

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Girl Next Door $16

The Girl Next Door was very sweet and refreshing sweet, with the dominant flavours of lime and watermelon coming through. My girlfriend really liked the drink and recommends it for anyone who’s not a fan of the alcohol flavour (like her).

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Southside of Sicily $16

The first thing that hits you when you taste the Southside of Sicily is the strong flavours of mint and lemon. This is followed by the flavour of the blood orange liqueur at the back of the mouth that lingers for a long time, which I likened to the flavour to an orange tic tac! It was a very balanced cocktail and I enjoyed the interesting flavour combination.

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Jamming to the throwback tunes that were playing while we were waiting for our food, we can definitely say we loved the vibe of the restaurant. A big shout out to our host, Maurizio, for his warm, friendly and attentive service. He brought more energy to an already pumping atmosphere. Special thanks to the owner, Simon, for organising the visit.

We had a great meal at Next Door and highly recommend a visit if you’re looking for a place that has great atmosphere, great energy and great food.

We dined as guests of Next Door.

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