Blossoming Lotus, Chinatown

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Following the success of the original Blossoming Lotus in Newtown, the stall in Dixon Street Food Court provides a more central location to shoppers. As the sign says, Blossoming Lotus serves vegan Thai food that is natural and has no MSG, onion or garlic. The food stems from the Buddhist belief that you shouldn’t hurt any living thing.

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You can either order from the buffet or their menu. From past experience, their buffet has some very convincing imitation meat products. I recommend their Crispy Soy Slices, Vege Duck (which is gluten-based) and Eggplant, Chilli & Basil. This time, we decided to order off their menu.

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Laksa noodle soup $9.90

I ordered the Laksa Noodle Soup for my lunch. This Thai laksa differed from the Malaysian interpretations because it was a lot sweeter and richer than I’m used to. There was a generous amount of toppings and ingredients, including a heap of greens that soaked up the sweetness of the soup. I especially found the soy sausage to have a really good texture to it. This was a delicious dish and completely satisfied me.

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Chinese broccoli with soy pork $9.90

My girlfriend ordered the Chinese Broccoli With Soy Pork as she was craving greens. The cashier said that this was one of their most popular dishes. The soy pork was surprisingly convincing and the fried tofu did a great job of soaking up all the sauce. The greens were cooked well and the serving size was huge. Rice was included in the price, too! This was a satisfying dish with great value for money. It was good enough for my girlfriend to guarantee we’re coming back.


The service was also very friendly; as we walked out, the lady behind the counter smiled at us and asked us if everything was alright. It had only been a couple of days since Dixon Street Food Court reopened after the horrible gas explosion that injured 16 people. We hope they are alright and wish them a speedy recovery. It’s good to see that the food court is open again, allowing these small businesses to resume normal trading and continue serving up delicious food.

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