Chinatown Noodle Restaurant, Haymarket

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Chinatown Noodle Restaurant was recommended by a foodie friend of mine, Shirley. The place looked authentic from the outside, right down to the man in the corner playing an erhu. My friend, Luke, and I were looking for a convenient place to have dinner so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.

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Cumin Lamb Meat Filled Toasted Buns $7

The last time I tried a Chinese Burger was at Chinatown Noodle King. We decided to give the Cumin Lamb Meat Filled Toasted Bun another go as I was keen to compare the two. This was a completely different experience; the outer layer of the bun was crispy but the inside was still soft and fluffy. The slight sweetness of the bun was sharply contrasted by the spicy and fatty flavours of the lamb and onion. Definitely a winner thanks to its bold flavours.

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Lamb Skewers $12

We ordered the Lamb Skewers after seeing it ordered by another table when we walked in. When it came out, we were not disappointed; the skewers were huge! The fatty pieces of lamb easily slid off the skewers as we let our primal sides take over. Again, the chef was not light-handed with the spice and the flavours hit us with full force. Another great dish that’s perfect for sharing.

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Lamb and Onion Pan-Fried Dumplings $9.90

Last to come out were the perfectly fried Lamb and Onion Pan-Fried Dumplings. By this time, we had had our fill of lamb but I thought these were worth a try. The juice of the lamb that seeped out was a delicious, gamey soup while the onion added in just a bit of sweetness. I would highly recommend these dumplings as an alternative its Shanghainese cousin, xiao long bao.

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is an authentic, no-nonsense Chinese eatery. It was worth the visit for us and I’m already excited about the prospect of a revisit. If you’re a fan of the bold flavours of Northern Chinese food, this is probably one of the best places to visit in Sydney.

Payment: Cash only
Cost: $28.90

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