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Albee’s Kitchen is a classic favourite ours whenever we get a hankering for Malaysian food or I’m looking for a reminder of home. We hadn’t visited them for a while so when we parked, we were surprised to find they had moved down the road to a more central location in Campsie.

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Despite their updated interior and more convenient location, a lot about Albee’s has stayed the same, like their menu and staff.

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The first thing you’ll see when you walk in is their food warmer containing familiar Malaysian finger foods like curry puffs and fried chicken wings (Ayam Goreng).

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Next to the food warmer is their chilled food cabinet containing an assortment of Malaysian sweets and desserts. Albee’s sells traditional desserts like kueh, steamed layer cake, durian cake and many others.

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Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli in Ginger and Chilli Sauce (?) with Rice $18.80

My girlfriend ordered the Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli in Fermented Tofu Sauce With Rice however something seemed to be lost in translation and she was served the correct vegetable but in a Ginger and Chilli Sauce. This dish was an assault on the senses; overly oily and a bit too salty. My girlfriend gave it a 2/5 and said she should have gone for a Malaysian favourite instead.

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Combination Char Yuan Yang $13

I ordered Combination Char Yuan Yang consisting of vermicelli, which comes with the option of fried or not, and wok-tossed kuay teow noodles topped with a mix of green veggies, pork, prawn and a thick egg gravy similar to the sauce of another Malaysian classic Wat Tan Hor.

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This dish was everything I’ve ever dreamed of on a plate. The serving size was huge, the bulk of which was crispy fried vermicelli and perfectly charred rice noodle. I was also a big fan of the egg gravy and the generous amount of ingredients. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Albee’s.

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Cham $5.50

To go with our meal, I ordered a favourite of mine, Cham. For those not familiar with this drink, it’s basically a mix of Malaysian coffee, black tea and a lot of condensed milk. For me, it takes the best of both coffee and tea and mixes it into one delicious concoction. Don’t knock it till you try it!

It’s great to see that although the location has changed, a lot has stayed the same; from the reasonable prices to the huge serving sizes and level of service!

(Note: We visited Albee’s Kitchen before they moved and ordered drinks and food. We waited for 40 minutes without anyone checking in on us only to be told they’d forgotten we’d ordered! We left hungry and disappointed. Since the move, they’ve started issuing receipts for every order so this is unlikely to happen again.)

That being said, the food remains at a high standard and Albee’s Kitchen remains a solid choice for food in Campsie. Just stick with the favourites!

Cost: $37.30
Payment: Cash or Card

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