Sandwich Solutions, North Sydney

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Nestled in the quiet residential area of North Sydney is a little cafe/milk bar run by a husband and wife team.

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We often pass by this eatery on our way to the Northside Produce Market. This time, on the way to Stanton Library, we noticed their billboard outside advertising some classic breakfast favourites. Hungry and looking for some brunch, we decided to stop this time and check them out.

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The owners were incredibly welcoming and friendly. We were greeted with a smile and given plenty of time to decide what we wanted. I had made my decision however my girlfriend was having trouble finding a vegan option. We asked the owners and they admitted they didn’t have many options for her but were kind enough to let us know that their vege burger patty had egg in it and offered to make a jam-packed salad sandwich for her instead.

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So after placing our order, the wife got to work assembling my girlfriend’s sandwich. Here you can see the mountain of vegetables she’s stacked on the bread and their heart-warming, wide smile.

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The result was a Salad Sandwich on Wholemeal Bread with pretty much every salad they had. All the ingredients were fresh and crunchy. My girlfriend was very satisfied after this solid sandwich!

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Soon after, my Big Breakfast came out. This was a no-fuss assortment of wholemeal bread, grilled tomato, sausage, plenty of bacon and two sunny-side up eggs. Sure, there’s nothing opulent about this meal but every element was enjoyable. Everything from the incredibly crispy bacon to the egg yolk that burst open when touched. I really enjoyed soaking up that yolk with my toast! Needless to say, I was full after this meal.

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To go with our meals, we also ordered a Soy Mocha and Soy Flat White (which came with my big breakfast).

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On our way out, I noticed their array of milkshake flavours so I had to get myself a Lime Milkshake. For those of you who are fans of Splice ice creams, this is what I liken the taste of a lime milkshake to. They must’ve liked me at the shop as it was a very delicious and sweet milkshake!

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Sandwich Solutions is, unfortunately, often overlooked and its neighbour, La Tazzina. Luckily, they have a healthy patronage by the Police station around the corner and a few locals. If you’re ever passing by, I recommend meeting the husband and wife team who run this modest cafe and enjoying their very reasonably-priced and generous offerings.

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