Chef Rasa Sayang, Chatswood

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Every so often, we get a craving for Malaysian laksa. Looking around in our vicinity, we came across a small Malaysian restaurant called Chef Rasa Sayang, just next to Victoria Plaza in Chatswood. What’s more, their Curry Laksa with Yong Tau Foo was something that we had never seen before so we were eager to try it.

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The interior is cramped with only a few tables on the lower level however there is an upper level with more seating. You get disposable cups when you order and pay to fill up with either water or tea from the black dispensers, although I would probably steer clear of the tea which tasted overwhelmingly like grass.

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Chee cheong fun with garlic & shallot $5.50

The Chee Cheong Fun was decently sized and topped with plenty of fried garlic, shallots and sesame seeds. What let this dish down was the sauce which tasted like plain soy sauce making it way to salty. We wouldn’t recommend this dish until they change the sauce.

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Char Kuey Teow (vegetarian) $12.90

The noodles in the Vegetarian Char Kuey Teow were thinner than the regular wide flat rice noodles we’re used to seeing. The dish also lacked any signs of charring so we were feeling rather dubious. Boy were we surprised when we tasted it, though. The flavour was great and it was full of delicious vegetables.

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Curry Laksa with Yong Tau Foo $15.90

Next came the star of the meal; Curry Laksa with Yong Tau Foo. It was jam-packed with a wide variety of stuffed vegetables. Mixing it up, we could see that there was the classic combination of egg noodles and vermicelli.

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The soup was spicy, gutsy and we were sweating towards the end. Very different to the sweet, lemongrass-y laksas from Thailand and Vietnam. This was the real Malaysian deal!

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The yong tau foo included the usual suspects of eggplant, okra, chilli and different types of tofu. My family name is Yong and we are famous for our yong tau foo but I’ve never seen them stuffed almost to bursting like this one! The stuffing was a fish paste with plenty of texture and flavour.

Eating this laksa made me feel like I was right in the hawker centre slurping down breakfast. If you want to try Malaysian laksa, try it at Chef Rasa Sayang!

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Teh tarik $5.50

The Teh Tarik at Rasa Sayang comes out in an actual mini-bucket. It was the perfect refreshing drink for washing down the spicy laksa.

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Bakchang w/o salted egg 

After such a delicious meal, I couldn’t help but bring home a bakchang to eat for breakfast the next morning. These oversized sticky rice dumplings, wrapped in banana leaves were left hanging in the front window of the shop, making them hard to resist. When I cut it open, I found the inside to be full of ingredients, including some delicious fatty pork belly char siew. What a delicious and satisfying breakfast!

I daresay this might be one of the best Malaysian restaurants I’ve eaten at in Sydney. If you like Malaysian food, we recommend trying Chef Rasa Sayang to get as close to the real thing as possible.

Cost: $39.80 not incl. Sticky rice
Payment: Cash Only

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