AYAM Battle Of The Woks, The Galeries

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2017 is the year of the Rooster on the Chinese Zodiac. As part of the festivities, AYAM, whose logo is a rooster, ran a cook-off (or rather, wok-off) between the biggest restaurants in and around The Galeries. Their task was to create a special, unique dish using a secret ingredient from AYAM.

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The four contestants were Hotto Motto, serving Japanese food, Lotus representing Chinese food, Jimmy’s Recipe defending Malaysia and Chat Thai for Thailand. The secret ingredient was revealed to be AYAM Coconut Cream. Now the results are out, we can see how they did!

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Hotto Motto

The first contestant in the ring was Hotto Motto. They served up a very interesting interpretation of two traditional Japanese dishes. On the left, is the chicken katsu roll with radish pickle and salad. The twist being… coconut cream in the rice! Right of that is a delicious piece of sous-vide teriyaki chicken pan fried to crisp up the skin. Topped with egg and seaweed, Hotto Motto won the people’s choice award.

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Lotus offered a pineapple and chicken chutney with coconut rice topped with a mint leaf. This dish was ok but nothing really jumped out at me.

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Jimmy’s Recipe

Jimmy’s Recipe threw in their prawn and pineapple into a coconut curry, topped with chilli and mint. Your standard prawn curry; delicious but nothing out of the ordinary.

Chat Thai

Chat Thai offered up a vegetarian dessert for the competition called the Coconest. Featuring sweet Thai sticky rice and noodle, topped with gold leaf and curry leaves for spice , the real star of the show was the coconut cream egg white with mung bean yolk all wrapped in banana leaf. This creative dish won my vote and Adam Liaw’s Chef’s Choice award too!


This was a great event by AYAM, intimate and well run, they gave away heaps of freebies too! I managed to walk away with coconut cream, a pack of AYAM sauces (included: sweet chilli, sweet and sour, lemon chicken and hoisin sauce) and a photo with Adam Liaw himself!