Chef’s Table: La Boca Bar & Grill, Mascot

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La Boca Bar and Grill is a new Argentinian restaurant located 10 minutes from Mascot train station. We were invited to the launch event of their new menu called Chef’s Table.

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The renovations of La Boca were completed in September 2015 and since then, they have been serving an à la carte menu. Chef’s Table was the launch of their new set menu, designed by La Boca Sydney’s French-trained Head Chef and their Argentinian group Head Chef from the Adelaide flagship restaurant.

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The food preparation station is very open for all to see.

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On the right, you see how they smoke their meat, suspended on the metal frame over smoke. It smelt delicious!

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La Boca is an immigration port in Buenos Aires. The colourful feature wall behind represents the architecture and façades that are typical to La Boca.

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Spicy Chorizo and Garlic Prawns with Chimichurri Sauce

Before the main event, we were given a teaser of what we were about to experience; spicy Chorizo served with chimichurri sauce (more on that later) and delicious Garlic Prawns. The prawns were moist and buttery, just the way I like it!

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Kingfish ceviche with avocado and salsa

To kick off the new menu, we were served Kingfish Ceviche with Avocado, Pickle and Salsa.

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The kingfish was very fresh and the delicate flavours paired well with the acidity from the lime in the avocado purée. The pickles were very much on the sweet side and balanced out the sourness from the lime and saltiness of the fish.

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Octopus and Potato with Watercress, Aioli and Sour Seeds

The next starter was Octopus and Potato topped with watercress, aioli, sour seeds and tomato. I liked how the sweet and spicy octopus was paired with a rather rich and citrusy aioli. The potato was simply prepared as a complement to the other elements on the dish.

Provolone Cheese Bake with Almods and Carpaccio with Truffle Oil and Tomato

The provolone cheese in this dish was very rich and salty. This was cut with a good amount of chilli and sweet almonds. The wagyu beef carpaccio was very fresh and melted in my mouth. A distinct contrast from the cheese dish on the left, both were balanced despite having very strong flavours.

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Corn and Zucchini Pancake

The Corn and Zucchini Pancake was topped with salty cream cheese, watercress and beetroot. The consistency was spot on and a great lead in to the main courses.

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Mushroom Salad

The first main course dishes to come out were the side salads. Traditionally, Argentinians share sides and it’s no different here at La Boca. The mushroom salad was the favourite of mine. It was perfectly cooked with the strong flavours of garlic and butter complemented by sweet tomato.

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Each dish tonight was paired with a wine provided by Artisan Malbec. These wines brought new and interesting flavours to the table, far different to what most Australian wine drinkers would be used to. They also stock a wide variety, sure to please any palate!

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Beetroot and Carrot
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Artichoke salad with rocket, smoked salmon and apple
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Barramundi with Salsa Verde

The Barramundi with Salsa Verde was very well cooked. There was a lot more garlic in this dish, which I loved.

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Pork Belly (right) and 28 Days Aged Lamb (left)

The Pork Belly was perfectly salted and the crackling was not dry at all and, after breaking apart, seemed to melt in my mouth. The Lamb was smoky but wasn’t over done. The meat was tender and juicy. The lamb was aged for 28 days in Adelaide by the group head chef before being sent to Sydney to be served.

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28 Days Aged Beef

The next dish was 28 Days Aged Beef cooked medium rare. This beef was also aged in Adelaide before being sent to Sydney. The meat was very tender and easy to eat. What a joy!

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Strawberry Mousse with Lemon Meringue

For dessert we were served a Strawberry Mousse with Lemon Meringue. A refreshing end to an extensive and filling meal! It was a very fresh and cleansing dessert. In the background, you also see the Espresso Martini they served as a digestif.

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We were also served a Flan with Strawberry. It reminded me of a very smooth crème caramel.

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Mythic Mountain Malbec

Throughout the night, Tony and I were drinking the Mythic Mountain Malbec. As Daniela, Director of Latinpr and Artisan Malbec, told us, it’s a very light and easy drinking wine suitable for beginner Malbec drinkers.

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Also present was an iconic Argentinian beer, Quilmers. It’s not the best beer they have but it is their most exported. A light, refreshing beer that pairs well with any meal.

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Every attendee was also given a jar of fresh chimichurri sauce made by the head chef in Sydney. We used it as a pesto sauce when we got home. I have to say, I’m in love with this sauce!

What a great night hosted by a passionate management team. It’s clear there’s a lot of skill in the kitchen and out front. I encourage you to try out their extensive and delicious menu!

Sydney Tum Tum dined as a guest of La Boca Bar and Grill. Special thanks to Tony Ling of Sydney Scoop for the invite!

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