Mitzu, Macquarie Park

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Mitzu is a popular sushi train in Macquarie Park Centre. They serve really good sushi for a really good price; $3.80 a plate except for fancy stuff which is $5.50 a plate. À la carte and drinks are also priced differently. This place is a favourite of one of our friends who we met up with for a quick lunch.

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Tuna & seaweed salad roll

I loved how generous they were with the tuna and I got a good measure of seaweed salad on top. The rice was well cooked and seasoned and made for a roll was very easy to eat and enjoy!

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Grilled eel nigiri

The Grilled Eel Nigiri was well-seared and you can even see some of the burnt rice. They were not shy with the ingredients here, either; huge pieces of eel slathered in sweet and salty soy sauce.

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Lobster salad ship

The Lobster Salad Ship was very fresh and full of flavour; creamy, sweet and with a lot of umami. I usually find this dish average at best but the freshness here really took it to another level.

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Grilled salmon nigiri

Quite possibly my favourite sushi is the Grilled Salmon Nigiri. There was a good measure of caramelisation on the salmon, giving it great flavour. The large slices of salmon were fresh and a little raw on the inside, just the way I like it.

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Vegetable tempura

My girlfriend ordered the vegetable tempura to share. The breading was very well done with a good variety of vegetables. The dish wasn’t oily at all and very crunchy. Definitely one of the best tempura we’ve had in a while.

Mitzu was a pleasant surprise among the other great options in the Macquarie Centre. If you’re in the mood for reasonably priced sushi, maybe after a having a go at ice skating, Mitzu is definitely one to check out.

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