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Bliss & Chips are a guilty pleasure for my girlfriend and I. We first heard about the vegan fish and chips joint from their launch article back in November 2015 in Good Food. The article mentions that their first customer actually cancelled his order because he didn’t know the food was vegan!

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Since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, expanding their menu to include burgers and even selling vegan cookies and deep-fried candy bars.

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The shop certainly looks like your local fish and chips joint and a quick scan of the menu would leave you none the wiser. Looking closer, they actually have a remarkable range of products they’ve managed to “veganise”.

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“Seafood” Basket $10 and Large Chips $9 w/ Seafood Sauce $1

I was feeling a bit peckish so I ordered the “Seafood” Basket and Large Chips to share as well as a side of seafood sauce. The seafood basket had the usual crabstick as well as vegan prawns, calamari and bliss “fish” cocktails. The calamari actually tasted very close to the real thing however I prefer the fishless “fish” to the bliss fish. If you can eat gluten, I recommend that as it’s a closer dupe.

The chips were cooked perfectly, brought out fresh and well-seasoned with seasoned salt. These were probably enough to share between 3-4 people so there was more than enough for the both of us. Towards the end of our meal it started raining and we were very content sitting there and people-watching as we munched on these crispy chips.

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“Fish” Burger with Avocado, Tomato, Lettuce and Seafood Sauce $15 ($10 today)

The whole reason we came here in the first place was because the burgers were on sale that day for $10 (they’re usually $15). My Girlfriend ordered the Fishless Burger and, from the range of trimmings, got the avocado, tomato, lettuce and seafood sauce. The fish was so close to the real thing, I couldn’t tell!

They also do breakfast and lunch! We love visiting Bliss & Chips for some plant-based (but not necessarily guilt-free) stodge. If you’re looking for a different kind of vegan eatery in Newtown (of which there are many), we recommend giving Bliss & Chips a go!

Cost: $30
Payment: Cash or card

Revisit: 09/11/2017

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