Mamaks Village, Crows Nest

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Mamaks Village is a new Malaysian eatery in the Woolworths building at Crows Nest. Walking past on a quick grocery run, we were stopped by a display of flying bread at the window. It was then that my girlfriend decided we’re coming back to try the roti.

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Yes, the decor is a bit gaudy and the menu a bit smaller than other Malaysian places but we appreciated the casual nature of the joint. They also do a lot of take away business so it’s perfect on the way home or when you’re just leaving Woolies after a quick grocery run.

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Roti Canai $5

The Roti Canai came out fresh, straight off the hot plate after being flipped near the front counter. It was crispy, fluffy and probably one the best roti we’ve had in Sydney.

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The curries that came with the roti were beef rendang and dhal. In Malaysia, you usually get watery dhal and curry chicken but these curries were amazing. Thick and rich, the beef rendang was sweet and had lots of coconut. The dhal was creamy, rich in cumin spice and tasted as it had been simmered for plenty of time. Together with the roti, we couldn’t get enough of it!

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Nyonya Mee Siam $11

The Nyonya Mee Siam was delicious! It was sour, a little bit spicy and so fluffy. There was plenty of lime in the dish which went really well with the prawns. Definitely worth trying!

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Vegetarian Char Kuey Teow $10

The Vegetarian Char Kuey Teow did not lose anything by being vegetarian. Rather, they were perfect. The noodles were charred to perfection, the vegetables crispy and the flavour was authentic. This was another win in our books.

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Teh Tarik $3.50

The Teh Tarik was not overly sweet and rather enjoyable. More sublime than the teh tarik you will find in Malaysia and was a great drink to wash the heavy dishes down with.

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“Flying Bread”

On the way out we were treated to another display of flying bread. We really enjoyed eating at Mamaks House and, though it may not be completely authentic, in some ways it’s even better than the Malaysian food you’ll find in Malaysia!


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The Roti Canai has become a must-get for us. A bit darker than last time, it was still fluffy and light. The curry was delicious as always and we can confirm the quality of their roti is no fluke.

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Vegetarian Mee Siam $10

This time, my girlfriend ordered the Vegetarian Mee Siam. The dish did not lose anything being vegetarian, with the prawn being replaced with twice-fried tofu. The noodles were sour and flavourful, just the way she likes it and was very satisfied after finishing it.

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Tofu Laksa $10

I ordered their Tofu Laksa after hearing very positive reviews about it. The dish came out in a very Instagram-worthy tilted bowl. They gave plenty of tofu puffs that soaked up the spicy and rich coconut curry soup. There were also plenty of greens and vermicelli noodles, making it great value for money.

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Iced Coffee $5

I was a bit disappointed that their Iced Coffee came out with cream on top and was in no way authentic. My expectation was a Malaysian-style dark-roasted coffee with loads of condensed milk. Though this was still a solid drink on its own, it didn’t pair with the meals quite as well as a Malaysian coffee would have.

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Our friend tried their Cendol and found it very sweet. They were very heavy-handed with the gula melaka (palm sugar) and the red beans were too large to fit through the straw, making it difficult to drink. The cendol was firm and had good texture but it wasn’t the best we’ve tried.

We’re falling in love with the food at Mamaks Village but we’re not a fan of some of their drinks. Still, it’s not enough to stop us visiting again!

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