Having a Wine: Salton Intenso Brut, Brazil


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Brazil is probably not the first place you’d think of when you hear “wine country” but Vinicola Salton is looking to change that. With more than 1,100 wineries and 82,000 hectares of vineyards across many different climates, Brazil is the fifth largest wine producer in the Southern Hemisphere.

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The Salton family have been the largest producer of sparkling wine since 2005 and they currently stand as one of the three largest wine cellars in Brazil. They produce nearly 15 million bottles per year. This represents 9% of Brazil’s total wine production!

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We were given the opportunity to try their signature sparkling wine, the Salton Intenso Glera. The wine was paired with a creamy mushroom and red pepper risotto cooked by my lovely girlfriend for dinner.

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The wine was very pleasant to drink, with hints of apple, and pear. It had a crisp citrus taste with some floral notes and a light, refreshing finish. With a crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, it is an excellent pairing for seafood, canapés or risotto.

While Brazil is not known for its wine, this bottle certainly brings something new and interesting to the table. I love how the colourful label reminds me of Carnivale and Brazil’s flamboyant approach to life. An exotic alternative to the familiar Shiraz or Sémillon, it’s the perfect conversation starter!

This wine was kindly provided by latinpr!