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GOODPIZZA is a new pizza parlour in Alexandria, owned and operated by the young and friendly Alex Pisani. He spent 10 years working in restaurants at front-of-house and in the kitchen before finally opening his own restaurant after a pilgrimage to Naples in 2014. Recently, he was kind enough to invite us, along with many other foodies, to a tasting night of their new menu.

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Fried Mixed Olives (Vegan) $6

The first dish to come out from the kitchen was the Fried Mixed Spanish & Sicilian Olives. These olives are marinated overnight in thyme and chilli then lightly seared in a pan to warm them and bring out their aroma. The Sicilian olives (green) were stronger in flavour with a pleasant warmth from the chilli. We found ourselves nibbling at these delicious olives over the course of the night.

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Plating up the salads

Here’s the owner, Alex, and his staff plating up the first dishes of the night. A big shout out to the guy on the right; he’s working his first job out of high school and was very friendly and polite to us. He worked tirelessly but still had time to tell us he was nervous about doing things perfectly! We thought he did a great job all through the night!

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Rocket Power (Vegetarian) $14

The Rocket Power salad was made up of rocket, radish, fried kipfler potatoes, shaved parmesan and cherry tomatoes with a white balsamic dressing. Our favourite part was the fried potatoes added a nice crunch and were slightly charred, complimenting the fresh salad. The flavour of olive oil stood out but and less so from the white balsamic dressing.

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Fennel Countdown (Vegan) $12

Fennel Countdown was the standout salad of the night. The fresh fennel and orange worked together to produce a refreshing and sweet flavour. The crisp crunch of the fennel bulbs worked very well with the citrus while the red onion added the perfect amount of sharpness.

The video above is Alex preparing the dough for the night’s pizza. Every pizza was served fresh out of the oven. Compliments to the kitchen staff who worked tirelessly to maintain a steady stream of pizza while us bloggers were all up in their business!

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GOODPIZZA has one wood-fired oven to cook their pizzas. It was a real privilege to get so close while the pizzas were cooking and see it in action!

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Before being topped, the pizza dough is put onto the prep boards and stacked on this rack.

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Porchetta Bout it $26

The first pizza of the night was the Porchetta Bout It, Alex’s favourite. It was topped with Fior Di Latte (a soft cow’s cheese), white truffle oil, Italian port sausage and Swiss brown mushrooms on an oil base. This was a very simple pizza; the cheese was melted perfectly and the Italian sausage worked perfectly with the truffle oil. I could see why this is Alex’s favourite.

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Peas Be With You (Vegetarian) $18

Peas and mint aren’t something you’d think would go together, especially on a pizza, but the Peas Be With You has made it so. Topped with ricotta and radish, this pizza was received with mixed reviews. I loved how the sweetness of the peas was contrasted by the sharpness of the mint however it didn’t go down so well with my girlfriend (a pea-skeptic). If you’re adventurous, give this one a go!

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Valetta $26

The Valetta is a very personal dish for Alex as it uses many ingredients from his Maltese heritage. This pizza is topped with Maltese sausage which is very similar to salami but only aged for 2 weeks. The result is a much softer texture and is commonly spread on bread in Malta. The meat is paired with Maltese pepper cheese that is aged in vinegar and dusted with crushed black pepper. The result is a firm but smokey cheese that caramelises well. The delicious and interesting ingredients make this a must-try.

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Kale to the Chief (Vegan) $18

The Kale to the Chief is a vegan pizza that’s designed to hold up on its own without cheese. Topped with a good amount of kale and spinach with tomato relish and herbs, it’s got plenty of ingredients to make up for the lack of meat or cheese. Unfortunately, when I went for my first slice, the base came with me but all the topping decided to stay on the plate! The tomato relish was delicious but it was just too difficult to eat, falling apart every time it was picked up. #firstworldproblems

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Portuguese Tart (Vegetarian) $16

After all the savoury pizzas, we were treated to a round of sweet pizzas. The first of which was the Portuguese Tart.

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This simple pizza was another one of Alex’s creations. The custard is prepped in-house and is a very good representation of the humble Portuguese tart in pizza form. It reminds me of the Chinese egg tarts you find at yum cha restaurants so it’s no surprise that I loved this one! Given the chance, I would probably order 10 of them.

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Rocky Road (Vegetarian) $19

The Rocky Road is GOODPIZZA’s decadent take on the much-loved Nutella pizza. What Alex has replaced the Nutella with is chocolate ganache, pistachio, white chocolate, waffle crumble and strawberries and is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A showstopper of a dessert pizza, it certainly puts other Nutella pizzas to shame.

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Coconut Mango (Vegan) $18

The final pizza of the night was Coconut Mango, GOODPIZZA’s vegan dessert option. The toppings made for an interesting combo that tasted similar to sago. My girlfriend and I were discussing that it may taste better if the topping was cooled before serving, as a nice contrast to the warm, chewy crust. We were really pleased to see a vegan dessert option!

Alex is a very amiable restauranteur with a wealth of experience. He and his staff did well to serve 20 or so ravenous bloggers that night. With their interesting toppings, hand-tossed bases and relaxed atmosphere, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for GOODPIZZA. We encourage you to bring your friends and try out their delicious pizzas!

We were kindly invited to this media event by GOODPIZZA’s owner, Alex Pisani.

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