Sushi Suma, Surry Hills

I wanted to take my Mum out somewhere special for lunch and I’d heard great things about the food served at Sushi Suma. After a 15 minute walk from Central station, we arrived at the unassuming shop front and were seated immediately. It took a while for us to get our menu, and another long while to order (20 mins in total) but once we did, the food came out very quickly.

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Complimentary Miso Soup

Before the food came out, we were presented with complimentary Miso Soup. It was full of flavour that was augmented by the addition of spring onions, tofu and seaweed. For a freebie, it was a great way to start the meal!

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Sushi Combination Set with Tempura $14.90

We wanted to get sushi, tempura (which they’re well known for) plus another dish, so we decided to order the Sushi Combination Set with Tempura and the Beef Yakiniku. The sushi platter (pictured) was part of the lunch set. I couldn’t help myself and dug into one of the salmon rolls before this photo. As you can see, there’s a great selection and it’s very shareable!

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Complimentary Agedashi Tofu

Not only did we get a great bowl of miso soup, each of us got a second freebie: a delicious serving of Agedashi Tofu. Perfectly fried in light batter and in dashi and soy sauce.

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Tempura (part of the Sushi Combination Set, rice included)

Here was the first main event; the famous Tempura of Sushi Suma. A combination of fish, prawn and vegetables, I can happily say this is possibly the best tempura I’ve ever had. The batter was light and crispy while all the ingredients were fried where they were cooked properly but retained their texture. I particularly loved the fish and pumpkin pieces. Definitely a must try!

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Yakiniku (rice included) $16.80

The Yakiniku Beef is… big. This is definitely one to share; that cabbage and lettuce you see, that’s on a bed of beef. The sauce was a little on the salty side and the beef was a little tough. The rice and the cabbage and lettuce balance out the saltiness a bit and the more we ate, the more delicious it became. If you’re looking for a hefty main, this is worth trying.

Despite the wait and the somewhat cramped seating at Sushi Suma, the food definitely lived up to the hype, from the main dishes even to the rice and freebies, everything was high-quality. If you love Japanese food, you’ve got to go to Sushi Suma!

Cost: $31.70
Payment: Cash or Card

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