Homeland Streetfood, Northside Produce Markets

The Northside Produce Markets are held on the first and third Saturday each month at Civic Park in North Sydney, right outside the Stanton Library. We love going to these markets rain, hail or shine because it’s the best way to get fresh produce direct from the farmers. These markets have a great, easy-going atmosphere where no one’s in a hurry.

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Before the day of the market, the marketing team often posts a list of stalls that are going to be there on the Northside Produce Markets Facebook Page. We got very excited when we saw that Homeland Streetfood was going to be there with their falafels and fresh salads.


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Stuffed Pita with Hommus, Salad and Falafel $11

The falafels were a big draw for us; we’re always keen for fresh, crispy falafels and my girlfriend had been dreaming of these for a week! This is their Stuffed Pita with Hommus, Salad and Falafels. The salads and preserved vegetables were very crisp. The pita is also topped with deep fried pita bread!

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Salad Bowl with Hommus and Falafel $13

I was feeling more peckish so I ordered the Salad Bowl with Hommus and Falafel. This gave me the chance to try out every one of their seven salad choices. This was topped with hommus, fresh falafels and deep fried pita bread. There was so much salad that I couldn’t finish it in one sitting! The pickles were fresh and crunchy and I finished the rest off later during lunch.

Homeland Streetfood are currently at the Northside Produce Market on a trial basis and plan to be there every other market (1st Saturday of every month). Their food is filling, delicious and all-around healthy so I encourage you to show them your support. You can also usually find them at the EQ Village Markets in Moore Park.

Cost: $24
Payment: Cash
We paid for this meal ourselves