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If there’s one thing that the Lower North Shore needs more of, it’s places to get a good Banh Mi. Sure, the Banh Mi at Nem Viet is a strong contender but, to our dismay, they’re usually closed. Luckily, we found another one right next to Chatswood station (with better opening hours) called Saigon Rolls.

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The shopfront reminds me of a food truck with the flip-open counters and temporary seating. I love the contemporary feel this and the glass panelling gives. It’s like I’m eating street food in Vietnam, albeit a lot fancier!

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The Banh Mi ingredients were visible through their pristine display and clean counters. They looked fresh and delicious and we couldn’t wait to order our food.

Regular Salad Roll $5.50

The Regular Salad Roll was packed full of fresh veggies and beautiful pickles. The salad rolls here come without paté so they’re a solid vegetarian option. There was also a good amount of chilli giving a really nice level of spiciness. The bread, however, could have been a bit fresher and crunchier but as Vietnamese goes on the Lower North Shore, this was a great option.

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Tofu Summer Bowl $8.50

The Tofu Summer Bowl also came with a good measure of chilli as well as noodles, cucumber, Vietnamese mint, lettuce, pickled carrots and a lot of tofu topped with fried shallots and a sweet soy sauce dressing to pour over the dish.

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Once combined, these flavours and the soft texture of the tofu and noodles with the crunch of the vegetables came together to make an amazing dish. The heat that the chilli gave was really good however you can order these dishes without the chilli if you prefer.

Saigon Rolls is very conveniently located near the exit of Chatswood Station. If you’re craving Vietnamese, this is a solid option if you’re in a rush or just looking for an alternative to the often overcrowded food courts in Chatswood. Be sure to stop by and check them out next time you’re craving Banh Mi!

This meal cost $14
Payment: Cash Only

UPDATE: Revisit 24/01/2018

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