Sushi Wow, Newtown

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It was time for another round of graduations at the University of Sydney and for a few of our friends finally attained their degree. To celebrate, we went to Sushi Wow for dinner since one of them was feeling the effects of a lack of good Japanese food in their homeland of Malaysia.

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From the outside, Sushi Wow looks like a standard sushi train joint, albeit a very busy one. I like the clean interior,  bright lighting and open feel to the place. The wood panelling and (possibly fake) sakura flowers add that Japanese feel.

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Vege Roll $3.50

It was encouraging to see a lot of vegetarian/vegan options on the sushi train. Not something you see at many joints. The first plate we went for was the Vege Roll. An inside-out roll filled with carrot, cucumber, avocado and sweet tofu skin, sprinkled with sesame seeds, This roll was a mouthful and a half but delicious and fresh!

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Inari $3.50

For our next selection, we decided to try something a bit simpler. The Inari is just that; perfectly shaped balls of rice wrapped in sheets of sweet tofu skin topped with black and white sesame seeds, allowing you to appreciate the quality of the sushi rice.

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Mini Avocado Roll $3.00

Our next plate was also very typical of many sushi restaurants. The Mini Avocado Roll was fresh and delicious. There isn’t much more to say about this one. Can’t go wrong with avo!

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Seaweed roll $4.00

For our last vegetable sushi, we noticed another unusual roll. The Seaweed Roll is filled with avocado, cucumber and, of course, seaweed salad. Perhaps feeling that there was already a lot of seaweed in this roll, the chefs seem to have replaced the nori on the outside with sweet tofu sheets. This was another interesting but delicious vegetable sushi with many different flavours.

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Aburi Salmon $4.50

I couldn’t go to a sushi train without having my classic favourites. The first of which was the Aburi Salmon. While not the prettiest example I’ve ever seen, I appreciated that they didn’t drown the salmon in sauce and only lightly seared the fish. This let the freshness and soft, clean texture of the fish be the centrepiece of this dish.

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Prawn Tempura Sushi $4.00

After seeing the Prawn Tempura Sushi go past a few times, I couldn’t snatch it off the conveyor fast enough! Doesn’t it look beautiful? The ebi fry was freshly fried, so the flavour was great and the crumbing had a good crunch to it. The prawns were large and the mayo complemented the prawns well. I really enjoyed this dish.

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Vege Tempura Sushi $4.00

As one final vegetarian dish, my girlfriend and I decided to splash out a bit and get the Vege Tempura Sushi. At Sushi Wow, you can choose which vegetables they batter and fry for you. We ordered an eggplant and sweet potato stack. The tempura was freshly prepared and cooked perfectly, preserving the best of each ingredient.

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Teriyaki Tofu Don $7.80

Just to make sure my girlfriend was full, we ordered the Teriyaki Tofu Don. It was presented beautifully and when we dug in, we found it tasted as good as it looked! The rice was cooked perfectly and came with a side of pickled ginger, julienned carrots and onions, and salad. The tofu pieces were battered perfectly and the teriyaki sauce wasn’t too overpowering. I still have dreams about this dish.

Our experience at Sushi Wow was a very positive one. Not only are their serving sizes and prices very reasonable, we found their waitstaff to be very polite, attentive and responsive. We highly recommend a visit to Sushi Wow so if you’re going, let us know!

This meal cost us $34.30
Payment: Cash or card

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