Khaybar Restaurant, Auburn

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We made the trip out to Auburn to visit a friend who welcomed a new addition to her family. A feline addition, that is! When we started getting hungry, we began looking for a place to go for lunch.

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We came across Khaybar after reading a few great reviews including a mention in Good Food. Their article mentioned that Khaybar was not the place for vegetarians. We thought “challenge accepted”.

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When we walked in, we were greeted by the friendly and energetic manager. We let him know that we were interested in trying our their vegetarian options and he excitedly gave us his recommendations as well as their popular dishes.

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Bulanee Kachalu $5.50

The first of our starters was a delicious, freshly cooked vegetarian potato and spring onion turnover called Bulanee Kachalu. The manager was nice enough to split it up into three sections for us to share. The dish consisted of mashed potato and spring onions encased in a thin and crispy pan-fried dough. It was certainly not healthy but very addictive.

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Mantu $7.95

The Mantu was the manager’s recommended starter. They were essentially lamb dumplings topped with yoghurt and a spiced sautéed vegetables. The lamb was lightly herbed and the dumplings were cooked perfectly. The fresh yoghurt was not too sour and the sautéed vegetables reminded us of Ethiopian Msir Wot, similar to a lentil bolognese sauce. We would absolutely order this again.

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Buranee-Badenjan $19.95

The first of our three recommended mains came out. The Buranee-Badenjan was a large dish of sautéed eggplant mixed with sliced tomatoes, drowned in delicious olive oil and topped with yoghurt and sprinkled with mint. Our first bite of this flavourful dish was pure bliss. The eggplant and tomato was cooked till soft and it melted in our mouths. This is a dish that just has to be experienced.

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Afghan Bread

The Buranee-Badenjan was served with two huge pieces of Afghan Bread. Similar to the tandoori naan you’ll find at Indian restaurants, it was perfect for soaking up all that olive oil and picking up the vegetables to form a delicious, tasty parcel of eggplant.

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Qaboli Pallaw (Lamb) $17.95

While we were still devouring the first dish, the manager brought out the Qaboli Pallaw. This consisted of spiced rice topped with shredded carrot, raisins, almonds and pistachios. Normally, my girlfriend is not a fan of raisins in rice but in this dish, because the flavours were so delicately balanced, she loved it. The lamb shank was cooked till it was falling off the bone and spiced perfectly. We could not get enough of this dish.

We got a little too into the food that was coming out (it was that good) that we embarrassingly forgot to take a photo of our third dish, the Khaybar Special ($19.95) which was a mix of their lamb, mince and chicken skewers. Each kabob had it’s own distinct spice mixes and textures, we were soon arguing over which was the best!

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We noticed this sign on the till by the front door which shows that Khaybar is all about the food and the event that surrounds the meal, rather than the alcohol that comes with it. The food is something all three of us still discuss about eagerly and we can’t wait to go back.

If you’re around Auburn, you have to try out the delicious Afghani food Khaybar offers, and have the pleasure of meeting their enthusiastic manager!

This meal cost us $71.30
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