Rahmen Genki, Artarmon


Artarmon is a great place that’s home to a small but friendly Japanese community. We love visiting the old lady who runs Anegawa Enterprises. She’s always so polite and patient! Between Anegawa Enterprises and Artarmon train station is a small strip populated by a number of restaurants; two of them Japanese, one Thai and a coffee stall.


We love visiting Rahmen Genki because their menu is full of authentic Japanese dishes for reasonable prices. The food is hearty and guaranteed to satisfy (the Godzilla ramen bowl is HUGE, well-worthy of feeding a kaiju stomach).


Front of house was manned by a polite lady who patiently waited as we took our time to decide what to eat. Which took a while because everything on the menu looked great.


The decor at Rahmen Genki reflects the flavours it excels at producing; clean and simple. A great place for a no-fuss meal.

Mix Don w/ Miso Soup $13

After watching Yuri!!! on Ice which, by the way, is an anime worth watching, I had a craving for pork katsu don. The Mix Don is pork katsu don with one important addition; an ebi fry (prawn). On a bed of fluffy rice, sweet soy sauce and topped with egg and scallions, this dish had all I needed to satisfy my craving and was accompanied by a side of miso soup.

Vegetables Ramen with Vegetable Soup Base $14.50

My girlfriend ordered the Vegetables Ramen with Vegetable Soup Base. This was a substantial bowl (though not nearly as big as the Godzilla ramen) and filled with a variety of vegetables including cabbage, bean sprouts, capsicum, cabbage, bukchoy and corn. The soup was clear, light and very flavourful, making for a great ramen bowl that my girlfriend still talks about.

We recommend Rahmen Genki as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Artarmon. Reasonably priced and hearty dishes make this restaurant a popular option for a casual meal that won’t skimp on authentic flavours.

Cost: $27.50

Revisit: 10/06/2017

We found ourselves back at Rahmen Genki to meet up with friends and try their Godzilla Rahmen! I’d noticed it before and was keen to go back and try it.

IMG_7073 (2).JPG
Fried Vegetables and Rice

My Girlfriend ordered the Fried Vegetables and Rice. This is the second time she ordered it and she remembered it being quite tasty. Unfortunately she was a bit disappointed this time; there was no dominant flavour and it was missing the pepper that she loved so much last time. The freshness of the vegetables was also somewhat lacking. She even found brown and withered bits on some of the greens! It seems this dish is a bit hit and miss.

IMG_7066 (2).JPG
Godzilla Rahmen

And now for the main event, the Godzilla Rahmen! I have to say, for a dish with such a weighty name, I was a bit disappointed to see that the rahmen came out in a bowl smaller than their Tonkotsu Rahmen. It seems the name comes not from its size but from the primary soup ingredient of Szechuan pepper. Normally I like the tongue-numbing effect of Szechuan pepper but this was a bit too overpowering for me. The egg and pork was cooked perfectly but I think I’ll stick to the tonkotsu rahmen next time.

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