Pasticceria Mancuso, Burwood

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I spent the afternoon in Burwood visiting newly opened Rusty Rabbit with my mum and before heading home, I wanted to get something to surprise my girlfriend. Pasticceria Mancuso is one of the longest standing eateries on the main strip of Burwood. In their time doing business, they have built a reputation for themselves as one of the best places to get Italian sweets and desserts.

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They have a beautiful and vibrant display of Italian biscuits that are sure to trigger anyone’s dessert stomach.

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Not being too familiar with Italian sweets, I decided to bring home a mix of almond biscuits and other sweets according to the recommendation of the shop assistant. She took into account that there were only two of us and asked us about our preferences to help select the best biscuits for us. I also got a beautiful box to bring home.

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When opened up, we were presented with a varied mix of sweets and we couldn’t wait to get a pot of strong coffee going. The smells of almond, sugar and chocolate really worked up our appetite.


The best ones of the selection were the Brutti & Buoni with a crisp bite and ginger flavour. We also loved the Amaretti which had a strong almond flavour and soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture. We highly recommend getting these if you’re ever at Mancuso.

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We also got a couple of pieces of their Napoli biscuit to try. This was a soft almond biscuit with a dried fruit filling and a crispy egg wash top. We loved the flavours and texture of the Napoli. The dried fruit added another layer to the pillowy soft almond biscuit we had experienced before to take it to the next level. It was a great shame to destroy the beautiful marbled top of the biscuit but it had a very satisfying crunch to it.

The biscuits went perfectly with our afternoon coffee and we really enjoyed the selection we got. Pasticceria Mancuso is still a great place to get Italian desserts, considering it’s one of the longest-standing shops in Burwood. If you’re in the area and looking for a place to take something home or just stop by for a coffee and sweet treat, be sure to visit Pasticceria Mancuso.

Cost: $20.60
Payment: Cash or card

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