Kürtosh, Crows Nest

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Located on Willoughby Road, Crows nest, with a curved floor-to-ceiling glass facade more suited to a clothing shop from the 50’s or 60’s is the Hungarian pastry shop Kürtősh. I’d heard about this place after a co-worker raved about its famous cakes and pastries so we decided to check it out for a quiet weekday breakfast.

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The interior of their Crows Nest location is cavernous. The industrial, bare feel of the interior design and decor contributed to this feeling. That being said, it meant there was plenty of space for Mums to leave their prams while they peruse Kürtősh’s offerings.

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Kürtőskalács ready to be baked

The Kürtőskalács is what Kürtősh is famous for; the traditional Hungarian pastry, also known as “chimney cake” due to their shape. They are baked to a golden finish in the brass-coloured oven to the centre-right of the picture above, then rolled in nuts, chocolate or spices for added texture and flavour. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any ready for us (and by our own admission, we were too hungry to wait for a fresh one) so we decided to try their pastries.

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Burekas $4 each

While we’ve had Bureka before, there’s no getting away from puff pastry filled with savoury meats and veggies. We opted for the less traditional fillings including mashed potato, mushroom and onion. The puff pastry was incredibly flaky and it came out piping hot. The flavours were bold and satisfying.

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Spicy Tomato Lentil Roll $4

We also had to try the Spicy Tomato Lentil Roll they had on offer. This also came out piping hot and had a very satisfying crunch. The filling was sweet, hearty and spicy. We could have had five of these easily. Despite missing out on Kürtősh’s signature “Chimney Cakes” we really enjoyed the fresh, delicious and crispy pastries on offer. Certainly a different way to have breakfast!

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Soy Flat White $4.50
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Soy Chai Latte $5

The drinks were a perfect match for our pastries; the coffee had a pleasant toffee and caramel flavour and the chai was very spicy, tasting strongly of cardamom and cinnamon. They were the perfect way to wash down the flakes of pastry left from each bite!

We can’t wait to go back to Kürtősh for afternoon tea and this time we’ll be patient enough to wait for a fresh Kürtőskalács. Till then, we’ll be left with the memory of some of the lightest, crispiest and tastiest pastries we’ve had in a long time.

Cost: $21.50
Payment: Cash or Card

REVISIT: 04/02/2018

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