PizzAperta, Pyrmont (The Star)

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PizzAperta is a casual dining pizzeria located on Pirrama Road at The Star casino. With mainly outdoor seating, PizzAperta is the place to have an easy-going, al fresco dining experience. With pizza on our mind, we ordered our pizza, received our buzzers and sat down to enjoy the open-air, roadside view as we chatted.

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In addition to their authentic and varied pizza options, PizzAperta also have a selection of Italian-inspired cocktails and a curated wine list.

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Buffalo Mozzarella & prosciutto di Parma $25

Once our buzzers started going off, the pizzas started arriving at the table. The first was the Buffalo Mozzarella & prosciutto di Parma. Topped with cherry tomato, melted buffalo mozzarella, rocket and freshly shaved prosciutto di parma, I really enjoyed this pizza. The toppings worked perfectly with the chewy and delicious wood-fired base.

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Hot Calabrese $23

The next pizza to come out was my choice, the Hot Calabrese. While the first pizza was a classic, I enjoyed the bolder flavours on this pizza with the smoked cheese (provola), fennel sausage and hot Calabrese spreadable sausage ‘nduja. The pizza was also topped with cherry tomatoes, olives and capsicum. I definitely recommend giving this pizza a go.

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Margherita $18

Who doesn’t like a classic Margherita? PizzAperta’s interpretation of this had chunks of cheese on a sweet tomato sauce. A pizza with such simple flavours really gave the woodfired base a chance to shine. The soft, smokey base complemented the tomato sauce and the lightly browned cheese very well, making this a simple pizza done better than most.

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Sicilian Capers and Anchovies $23

The pizza was so good that I even took a Sicilian Capers and Anchovies home for my Girlfriend to enjoy. Not only did the pizza survive the trip home, it looked almost as good as if it had just come out of the oven.

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The time spent in the box meant the base was a bit softer than if eaten fresh but it still tasted of the wood fired oven. the saltiness of the anchovies and olives matched the mozzarella, oregano and basil perfectly. I wish there was more than a token amount of basil on the pizza but, again, it was another example of a simple pizza done well.

If you’re looking for a casual place to have a few drinks with some friends or have a quick dinner before watching a show at the Lyric Theatre, PizzAperta’s convenient location near the light rail station and the theatre entrance make it a great place to hang out.

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