Funky Pies, Bondi Beach

After checking out the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition, we were in the mood for some grub. Looking at our options, we came across Funky Pies which had great ratings and was just the kind of quick eat we were looking for. When we got there, we were delighted to hear that every one of their pastries were vegan!

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Funky Chunky and Rustic Bolognese Pies

Looking over the choices presented to us, we were astonished at the number and creativity of the options and wanted to try as many as we could. We ordered four pies which sounded the most appealing to us. The Funky Chunky was Funky Pies’ replication of the classic meat pie. The pastry was light and fluffy and the gravy was full of flavour. The Rustic Bolognese pie used tempeh to replicate mince and it tasted very close to the lentil “bolognese” we cook at home. Not bad at all.

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Nepalese Lamb Style Curry and G’day Satay Pies

The second plate had the main events for us. I was astonished by the Nepalese Lamb Style Curry pie. Even now, I’m not sure if the “meat” was mushroom or real lamb it was that convincing. I don’t know how they did it but I loved it. The G’day Satay pie something else. Unlike the others, it wasn’t trying to replicate meat but I found it to have a very pleasant peanut flavour. The coriander added a fresh pop to the pie filling. These pies were among the best vegan pastries we’ve ever tasted!

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Soy Chai

With our pies, we ordered a Soy Chai to enjoy. It tasted fresh and spicy with a lot of cinnamon and cardamom. It was one of the better chai’s we’ve had.

We were pleasantly surprised by what we found at Funky Pies. They produced one of the best vegan pies we’ve had with a light and fluffy crust and gravy packed full of flavour. We highly recommend Funky Pies as a vegan dining option in Bondi and would go back again.

Cost: $30
Payment: Cash or Card

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