Caysorn Thai, Haymarket

Ever since embarking on my journey to become a chef, I’ve had the amazing privilege to learn great things about this trade and meet amazing people with a wealth of knowledge. One such person I worked with told me about one of the most authentic Thai restaurants that she’d ever eaten at. Hidden away in Haymarket, we made our way to Caysorn with her and her partner.

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Sauteed Prawns with Sator Nut $17.90

We didn’t want to go to an “authentic” Thai restaurant and just order a pad thai (although that is on the menu) so we decided to try their Sauteed Prawns with Sator Nut. Sator nut is a stinky green nut that almost reminded me of the smell at the hairdressers. Once you acquire the taste, however, just the thought of it mixed with that sticky, sweet and sour sauce and plump prawns gets my mouth watering. It’s also quite common in southern Thailand and I can see why.

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Kanoom Jeen Nam Ya Kati $9.80

One of the signature dishes of Caysorn are their Kanoom Jeen dishes. Our choice, the Kanoom Jeen Nam Ya Kati, consisted of rice vermicelli noodles in a VERY spicy coconut flathead stew. The concentrated flavour of the stew meant that, for us, it was hard to get enough of it. The cherry on top was the self service, unlimited veggie bar that had a selection of cucumber, bean sprouts, pickled greens and more! A great way to cool down the tongue after burning it off with that spicy stew.

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Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Thai Sticky Rice, Bread and Peanuts

Having had our fill of delicious Thai dishes for the day, we wanted to try some uniquely Thai desserts. We couldn’t go past the ice cream with real Vanilla Bean, Thai sticky Rice, Bread and Peanuts. The coconut sticky rice, a classic Thai dessert, went well with the peanuts while the spongy soft bread soaked up the melted ice cream. A delicious dessert.

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Monkey Banana in sweet syrup

Another dish recommended to us was the Monkey Banana in Sweet Syrup. Very common in south-east Asia but only found here in specialty Asian grocers, the monkey banana has a unique texture with a nice bite. Heavy on the coconut milk, we couldn’t really distinguish a unique flavour.

We had a unique and awakening experience of Thai food at Caysorn and it’s difficult to express just how much more dynamic the dishes here are in the short paragraphs of this blog post. The best way to enjoy this food is to go out and try it, which we wholeheartedly recommend!

Payment at Caysorn: Cash or Card

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